VALENTINE TANNING -  Mobile Spray Tanning Service
 Why Spray Tan?
 A Spray Tan is the healthiest way to achieve a natural golden tan and is the  safer  alternative to tanning in the sun or solarium. The unique difference with  Valentine Tanning is that even those with fair skin that usually burn can now  experience an instant long lasting glow.
 By choosing a spray tan with Valentine Tanning you are highly reducing the risks of  skin cancer, freckles, pigmentation and wrinkles.
 Improve Your Body Image
 A Spray Tan can make your muscles look more defined and toned helping to hide  cellulite, and helping the body to look more toned!
 Beautiful Skin
 A Spray Tan helps to disguise imperfections such as blemishes, freckles, bruises,   stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dark circles under the eyes, age spots and scarring. 
 A Tanned complexion makes you ’look’ healthy, radiant and youthful.


We use Naked Tan & Moroccan Tan. Both are 2 hour tans. Which means you only need to leave on for 2 hours and you can shower. Naked Tan smells like coconut and the Moroccan Tan smells like Argan oil.

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